What Makes Toons Tick 2? is the direct sequel installment for the original season 3 episode: What Makes Toons Tick?. It includes the episodes: The Grounded Duck, Speechless Buster and Something to Sneeze At.

The Grounded Duck Edit

Right after getting 15 minutes of detention for playing that snake in a can prank on Buster during lunch hours, Plucky is grounded for 9 days and needs to re-schedule the sleepover and movie pizza party at Hamton's house for next Saturday evening.

Speechless Buster Edit

While at a fancy house party at Shirley's house, Buster has just lost his voice and everybody tries to help him get it back so that he can speak again.

Something to Sneeze At Edit

Hamton comes down with a terrible head cold, and if he doesn't get better soon, he might miss the chance to go to the Friday evening karaoke dance off party at ACME Baptist Church.

Transcript Edit

What Makes Toons Tick? 2 transcript

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